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Rising Above Post-Pandemic Stress

How a Newly Discovered "Happy Molecule" is Helping Millions of Americans Find Their Way Back to The Good Life

Keep reading to find out how you can sample the new "happy molecule" — for only the cost of a postage stamp!


We're just now beginning to understand how pandemic-related stress has influenced America's mental health.

According to the 2021 COVID-19 Mental Health Services Impact Report, there has been a 6,500% surge in people seeking help for mental health issues.

A general practice physician (who wishes to remain anonymous) told us...

I used to see a few new patients a month with mental health issues — but when COVID hit my office was flooded with mental help requests from several new patients a day. I've got a huge waiting list of people who need help and I just can't get to them fast enough.

Although the worst physical effects of the COVID-19 virus are behind us in the US, millions of Americans still struggling with lingering emotional effects of the pandemic in the form of:

  • Worry

  • Sadness

  • Tension

  • Anger

  • Apathy

  • Burn out

  • Poor concentration

  • Sleep issues

With the healthcare system already overburdened, how will these people suffering with post-pandemic stress ever find the relief they so desperately need?

"Happy Molecule" Found Hiding in Plain Sight

In 375 BC the Greek philosopher Plato wrote "necessity is the Mother of all invention" — words that would later be echoed by the great genius Albert Einstein.

Such is the case in this story, where plant scientists spending extra time in their lab during lockdown discovered a natural remedy for post-pandemic stress.

Inside a plant that's been cultivated by humankind for thousands of years they found a "happy molecule" hiding in plain sight — but only in minute quantities.

In order for this "happy molecule" to have a profound effect on the human nervous system they needed a way to concentrate it.

So throughout the pandemic they worked tirelessly — and eventually their efforts paid off in the creation of an advanced form of Delta-8 THC.

How The New Delta-8 "Happy Molecule" Works

Delta-8 THC is derived from the hemp plant, which is now legal to grow (and make products out of) thanks to the passing of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018.

It's a "chemical cousin" of Delta-9 THC — the chemical in marijuana that gets you high — but because it's made from legal hemp it's 100% legal to own, use, and sell.

Delta-8 induces many of the same positive mental effects as Delta-9...

  • Relaxation 

  • Comfort 

  • Energy 

  • Euphoria 

  • Laughter 

  • Focus 

  • Appetite

...but Delta-8's effects are much milder which is why some people call it "THC light."

It also exhibits less of the "undesirable" psychoactive effects of THC (like paranoia and anxiety) which is why many long-time Delta-9 users have switched over to Delta-8.

All of these properties make Delta-8 the perfect, all-natural remedy for post-pandemic stress recovery — and millions of Americans are already using it that way.

So now that you know about Delta-8, you may be wondering how you can try it for yourself, so we're going to give you a chance to...

Sample the New Delta-8 "Happy Molecule"
...For Just the Cost of a Postage Stamp!

We believe everyone can benefit from occasional help from the "happy molecule" — so we want to send some to you to try — for free!

The easiest and fastest way to try Delta-8 is with our mint-flavored oral strip called Vybba. Each strip contains 8mg of Delta-8 and 4mg of Full-Spectrum CBD extracted from organically grown (and 100% legal) American hemp.

Single-Use Sample of Vybba

Delta-8 infused oral strip

  • Contains 8mg Delta-8 THC + 4mg CBD

  • Rapid Onset Sublingual Absorption 

  • Starts Working in Just 15 Minutes

  • 6x Faster Than All Other Methods

  • Made From 100% Legal Hemp Plants

Just pay for the 55 cent postage stamp

If you'll cover the 55 cent postage stamp, we'll gladly send you a sample of a Vybba so you can take the "happy molecule" for a 4-5 hour test drive.

Simply dissolve the mint-flavored strip on your tongue and you'll start feeling better in just 15 minutes (instead of the 90-minute wait people experience with other methods)

Join the Millions of Americans Using Delta-8
To Help Them Rise Above Post-Pandemic Stress

We actually lose quite a bit of money every time we ship out a free sample of Vybba.

So why are we doing this?

We're huge fans of the physical and emotional healing powers of the hemp plant — and we believe that the Delta-8 and CBD in Vybba are the solution for post-pandemic stress.

So if you try Vybba and it gives you a glimpse of the emotional release you need right now — we hope you'll come back to us for more.

How to Get Your Free Sample of Delta-8:

  • Confirm your shipping address here
  • Pay for the 55¢ postage stamp
  • We send your Vybba sample in discreet packaging
  • It arrives in your mailbox 3-5 days later
  • Dissolve it on your tongue and wait 15 minutes to see how great you feel

Just pay for the 55 cent postage stamp

Since we only have a limited supply of Vybba Delta-8 infused oral strips to share, we ask that you only respond to this offer if you're in serious need of post-pandemic stress relief.

(To all the freebie seekers and coupon hunters looking to find the next free thing — we'd prefer you skip this one so that someone who really needs our help can get it.)

The New Cannabinoid on the Block

Why CBD Users Everywhere Are Switching to Delta-8 THC

Keep reading to find out how you can get a free sample of Delta-8 THC — just by paying for a 55¢ postage stamp!