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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us with any questions about the Vybba Affiliate Program you may have that are not addressed here. If you are already a Vybba affiliate, please reach out directly to your Affiliate Manager.

What is each sale worth?

You will receive a commission of 30% on every Vybba sale we make to a visitor referred by your website or social media account. All commissions are performance-based; we do not pay commissions for clicks, views, likes, visits, or any other parameters other than actual Vybba purchases by customers referred by your affiliate account.

When do I get paid?

We follow a monthly payout schedule for affiliates, with commissions paid on the 5th of the following month. Payment will be made via check or Payoneer, in US funds, unless otherwise arranged. Wire transfers are available for commissions that exceed $1,000 if requested. We cannot make affiliate commission payments via Paypal, as they restrict hemp-based companies from using their platform for Delta-8 commissions. We do not offer commission payments in cryptocurrency at this time.

How do I send my website visitors to you?

Sending your traffic to our website with your referral code is a simple process. Start by logging into your affiliate account and choosing the banners, buttons, or links you want to use. We'll provide a ready-to-use piece of code you can work into the layout of your website, and customized links for social media traffic. Every time a visitor clicks on one of the link options we've provided, you'll get credit for all purchases they make. Vybba tracking cookies are valid for 90 days, and you can send your referred visitors directly to any page on our site that you want your visitors to see.

Is the Vybba Affiliate Program an MLM?

No, Vybba does not engage in any multi-level marketing forms of direct sale marketing. We do not participate in dropship programs; all commissions are based on actual sales from customers referred by you to the Vybba website. As an affiliate of Vybba, there is no requirement to purchase any Vybba products yourself, nor sign up any other Vybba affiliates.

Can I use your program if I'm new to the Internet?

Our affiliate system is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. With that being said, our Vybba affiliate program caters to experienced affiliates who are familiar with HTML and inserting tracking links and updating their own websites and social media accounts, we do not provide this service. Affiliate account setup is quick and easy, and you don't need to know much about HTML to insert our banners and links into your site or social media profile. Simply load the personalized affiliate tracking code or links found in your affiliate dashboard and you're ready to go. We do not offer personalized affiliate marketing training for people to learn what affiliate marketing is, or that do not have an online presence to market Vybba through.

Do you have a bulk email policy for affiliates?

Vybba has a strict policy regarding unsolicited commercial email by affiliates. Sending a commercial email of any type to those who haven't asked for emails is known as SPAM. We do not allow any type of email or newsgroup spamming. We include non-opt-in mailing lists in our definition of bulk email spamming. Should we find out any affiliate accounts are involved in sending email or newsgroup lists any unsolicited advertisements; we will shut down the account and void all pending commission income. We encourage our affiliates to use any form of online advertising they wish to use, with the exception of bulk email and newsgroup spamming.

How do I track what I've earned?

We offer real time statistics on visitors and sales through an interface in your affiliate account. Simply log in on our website and check the sales and statistics information within your account. You can choose to have a sales confirmation email sent to you for every commissionable sale you generate as well.

Will you help me set up my new website or social media account?

We do not provide website set up or training to those who are new to affiliate marketing. Your affiliate manager will help you with issues related specifically to your Vybba account and links, but cannot assist with general HTML or website set up issues.

Can I be a Vybba affiliate if I’m not in the U.S.?

Yes, our affiliate program is open to new affiliates from all over the world. We currently do not ship Vybba products outside the United States under hemp export laws, but our affiliates come from over 23 different countries across the globe. You do not need to be located in the United States to be a Vybba affiliate; however your audience should be comprised of U.S adults who are able to order Vybba for you to earn commissions.

Do you accept coupon sites as Vybba affiliates?

We do not accept websites or accounts whose primary marketing and promotion is to provide discount coupon codes to customers searching for Vybba coupons online. We do this to ensure that the affiliates who generated the interest in Vybba by the consumer are the ones who are paid the commission for any sales that result.

I applied to the Vybba Affiliate Program, when will I be approved?

We review every new Vybba affiliate application within 1 business day. Make sure to include what website or marketing methods you intend to use on the application form, for faster approval. We will send you a Vybba Welcome Email and linking instructions as soon as your affiliate application has been processed and approved.