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Why We Do Not Make Delta 8 Gummies

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As more and more people discover the effects of Delta-8, its popularity has exploded. It seems that everyone is now trying this legal hemp-based alternative to regulated cannabis, and excitement keeps growing. While there were only a handful of delta-8 products available for adult purchase just a year ago, more and more options are coming online each month. It isn’t all good news for the Delta-8 industry though. With new limitations on vapes and vaping products, many Delta 8 sellers from the smoking industry are turning towards the edibles market as a way to continue selling their Delta 8. For many of them, that involves putting their Delta-8 into just one form, Delta 8 gummies. That is something we don’t do. Despite numerous requests, we do not sell delta-8 in a gummy. Read on to learn why we will never sell a gummy line, and why you should be cautious about Delta 8 gummies.

Here at Vybba, we built our hemp cannabinoid business on Delta-8 and full-spectrum CBD. We specialize in only these ones, because they are the two most beneficial legal cannabinoids we know. We aren’t just sellers though; we work with our hemp from start to finish, from soil to oil. The source hemp we use to produce our Delta 8 and CBD is grown right here in Washington, on family farms. Our business is extraction, and we use our own in-house CO2 super-critical techniques to extract the whole-plant extracts necessary to make the purest Delta-8 we can. We have built our brand on maintaining our standards of purity at every step of the Delta-8 production process. We are hemp growers, processors, and extractors in addition to being sellers.

What we aren’t is candy manufacturers. In fact, we don’t believe in making Delta-8 products more alluring by putting them in sugary, fruity flavors at all. Delta-8 is a potent cannabinoid, to be enjoyed and used responsibly by adults, not children. Putting something in a candy form appeals to a very specific demographic; kids. We never want to actively, or even accidentally, promote Delta-8 products to kids. Part of that is making a conscious effort not to put them in a format that is attractive to minors. We draw the line at putting our Delta-8 in any candy.

But What if Your Adult Vybba Customers Prefer Gummies?

We have had many customers ask why their favorite Delta-8 brand doesn’t make a gummy line when others do. We do try to keep our customers happy (it’s why we are in business!) but even if you could make gummies not attractive to children, you still have a product quality problem anytime you put a cannabinoid in a candy or gummy form, so let us explain why.

First, a quick cooking lesson that every candy-maker already knows. In order to make any kind of Delta-8 gummies, you need multiple ingredients. You can’t do it just using hemp-based ingredients. You cannot mix Delta-8 distillate and cannabidiol with some artificial flavoring and sugar, press it into a gummy shape, and expect a good result. Every single Delta-8 “gummy” on the market contains at least a dozen ingredients, at least eleven of which, are NOT DELTA-8! You are getting a lot of unnecessary sugar, artificial flavorings, dyes, gelatin and preservatives with every milligram of Delta-8, and many of these can interfere with the effectiveness and consistency of the Delta-8 experience.

Additionally, by putting Delta-8 in a sugary candy form that is chewed and swallowed, you are slowing down the effects. The Delta-8 has to go through the complete digestive system, alongside all the sugar and flavorings from the gummy itself. The stomach and liver both break down all of it together. This results in a slower-acting and less predictable effect. Many experienced cannabinoid users will attest that the delay from using such edibles is problematic. Users have to plan out in advance their experience, often hours away. Worse yet, many people think “oh, it’s not working, I will just take more” then later on experience the effects of too much, leading to a negative cannabinoid experience. But with Vybba, none of these problems exist. Each Vybba mint strip starts absorbing the second you put it under your tongue. Simply wait 20 seconds to activate the active ingredients in each Vybba strip before swallowing, and you are on your way to a much better experience than any gummy.

Remember, if you are looking for a sugary treat to satisfy your sweet-tooth, then the candy aisle at the store has many colorful options. If you want the highest-quality Delta-8 in a convenient, rapid result form that is discrete, easy to take, and made for adults, then skip the gummy fad, and see what Vybba Delta-8 dissolving strips can do for your Delta-8 experience.

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